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Aptamer Switches Regulated by Post-Transition/Transition Metal Ions, Billet, Blandine, Chovelon Benoit, Fiore Emmanuelle, Oukacine Farid, Petrillo Mel-Alexandre, Faure Patrice, Ravelet Corinne, and Peyrin Eric , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume n/a, Number n/a, (2021)
Cleavage of cluster iron-sulfide bonds in cyclophane-coordinated FenSm complexes, Buratto, William R., Ferreira Ricardo B., Catalano Vincent J., Garcia-Serres Ricardo, and Murray Leslie J. , DALTON TRANSACTIONS, jan, Volume 50, Number 3, p.816–821, (2021)
Clicked Bifunctional Dendrimeric and Cyclopeptidic Addressable Redox Scaffolds for the Functionalization of Carbon Nanotubes with Redox Molecules and Enzymes, Gentil, Solene, Pifferi Carlo, Rousselot-Pailley Pierre, Tron Thierry, Renaudet Olivier, and Le Goff Alan , LANGMUIR, Volume 37, Number 3, p.1001–1011, (2021)
Development of an innovative maceration technique to optimize extraction and phase partition of natural products, Gori, Anthonin, Boucherle Benjamin, Rey Aurelien, Rome Maxime, Fuzzati Nicola, and Peuchmaur Marine , FITOTERAPIA, jan, Volume 148, (2021)
Ditopic Chelators of Dicopper Centers for Enhanced Tyrosinases Inhibition, Buitrago, Elina, Faure Clarisse, Challali Lylia, Bergantino Elisabetta, Boumendjel Ahcene, Bubacco Luigi, Carotti Marcello, Hardre Renaud, Maresca Marc, Philouze Christian, et al. , CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, mar, Volume 27, Number 13, p.4384–4393, (2021)
Expedient Synthesis of 2-Iminothiazolidines via Telescoping Reactions Including Iron-Catalyzed Nitrene Transfer and Domino Ring-Opening Cyclization (DROC), Coin, Guillaume, de Montal Oriane de Ferrier, Dubourdeaux Patrick, and Latour Jean-Marc , EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, jan, Volume 2021, Number 3, p.443–448, (2021)
Experiments and DFT Computations Combine to Decipher Fe-Catalyzed Amidine Synthesis through Nitrene Transfer and Nitrile Insertion, Coin, Guillaume, Dubourdeaux Patrick, Avenier Frederic, Patra Ranjan, Castro Ludovic, Lebrun Colette, Bayle Pierre-Alain, Pecaut Jacques, Blondin Genevieve, Maldivi Pascale, et al. , ACS CATALYSIS, Volume 11, Number 4, p.2253–2266, (2021)
Freestanding biopellet electrodes based on carbon nanotubes and protein compression for direct and mediated bioelectrocatalysis, Berezovska, Anastasiia, Nedellec Yannig, Giroud Fabien, Gross Andrew J., and Cosnier Serge , ELECTROCHEMISTRY COMMUNICATIONS, jan, Volume 122, (2021)
Impact of ionomer structuration on the performance of bio-inspired noble-metal-free fuel cell anodes, Coutard, Nathan, Reuillard Bertrand, Huan Tran Ngoc, Valentino Fabrice, Jane Reuben T., Gentil Solène, Andreiadis Eugen S., Le Goff Alan, Asset Tristan, Maillard Frédéric, et al. , Chem Catalysis, (2021)
LectomeXplore, an update of UniLectin for the discovery of carbohydrate-binding proteins based on a new lectin classification, Bonnardel, Francois, Mariethoz Julien, Perez Serge, Imberty Anne, and Lisacek Frederique , NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH, jan, Volume 49, Number D1, p.D1548–D1554, (2021)
Non-Carbohydrate Glycomimetics as Inhibitors of Calcium(II)-Binding Lectins, Kuhaudomlarp, Sakonwan, Siebs Eike, Shanina Elena, Topin Jeremie, Joachim Ines, Gomes Priscila da Silva F., Varrot Annabelle, Rognan Didier, Rademacher Christoph, Imberty Anne, et al. , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 60, Number 15, p.8104-8114, (2021)
Polymorphism of V-amylose cocrystallized with aliphatic diols, Le, Cong Anh Khanh, Choisnard Luc, Wouessidjewe Denis, and Putaux Jean-Luc , POLYMER, jan, Volume 213, (2021)
Prediction and Validation of a Druggable Site on Virulence Factor of Drug Resistant Burkholderia cenocepacia*., Lal, Kanhaya, Bermeo Rafael, Cramer Jonathan, Vasile Francesca, Ernst Beat, Imberty Anne, Bernardi Anna, Varrot Annabelle, and Belvisi Laura , Chemistry, 2021 Mar 26, (2021)
Production of perdeuterated fucose from glyco-engineered bacteria., Gajdos, Lukas, V Forsyth Trevor, Blakeley Matthew P., Haertlein Michael, Imberty Anne, Samain Eric, and Devos Juliette M. , Glycobiology, 2021 Feb 09, Volume 31, Issue 2, p.151-158, (2021)
Recent advances in cardiac biomarkers detection: From commercial devices to emerging technologies, Savonnet, Maud, Rolland Tristan, Cubizolles Myriam, Roupioz Yoann, and Buhot Arnaud , JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS, feb, Volume 194, (2021)
Self-assembling thermostable chimeras as new platform for arsenic biosensing, Puopolo, Rosanna, Sorrentino Ilaria, Gallo Giovanni, Piscitelli Alessandra, Giardina Paola, Le Goff Alan, and Fiorentino Gabriella , SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, feb, Volume 11, Number 1, (2021)
Stability of catecholamines in whole blood: influence of time between collection and centrifugation, Despinasse, Quentin, Choisnard Luc, Faure Patrice, Guicherd Denis, Peyrin Eric, Ravelet Corinne, and Chovelon Benoit , CLINICAL CHEMISTRY AND LABORATORY MEDICINE, feb, Volume 59, Number 2, p.E83–E85, (2021)
Synthesis, molecular structure, spectroscopic characterization and antibacterial activity of the pyrazine magnesium porphyrin coordination polymer, Ben Khelifa, Arbia, Ezzayani Khaireddine, Guergueb Mouhieddinne, Loiseau Frederique, Saint-Aman Eric, and Nasri Habib , JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR STRUCTURE, Volume 1227, (2021)
Targeted DNP for biomolecular solid-state NMR, Gauto, Diego, Dakhlaoui Ons, Marin-Montesinos Ildefonso, Hediger Sabine, and De Paëpe Gaël , Chemical Science, Volume 12, Number 18, p.6223–6237, (2021)
Targeted DNP for biomolecular solid-state NMR, Gauto, Diego, Dakhlaoui Ons, Marin-Montesinos Ildefonso, Hediger Sabine, and De Paepe Gael , Chem. Sci., p.-, (2021)
Visualization of hydrogen atoms in a perdeuterated lectin-fucose complex reveals key details of protein-carbohydrate interactions., Gajdos, Lukas, Blakeley Matthew P., Kumar Atul, Wimmerova Michaela, Haertlein Michael, V Forsyth Trevor, Imberty Anne, and Devos Juliette M. , Structure, 2021 Mar 24, (2021)
Achieving visible light-driven hydrogen evolution at positive bias with a hybrid copper-iron oxide\textbarTiO2-cobaloxime photocathode, Tapia, C., Bellet-Amalric E., Aldakov D., Boudoire F., Sivula K., Cagnon L., and Artero V , GREEN CHEMISTRY, Volume 22, Number 10, p.3141–3149, (2020)
Advances in the Design of Genuine Human Tyrosinase Inhibitors for Targeting Melanogenesis and Related Pigmentations, Roulier, Brayan, Peres Basile, and Haudecoeur Romain , JOURNAL OF MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, nov, Volume 63, Number 22, p.13428–13443, (2020)
Amphiphilic Aminoglycosides as Medicinal Agents, Dezanet, Clement, Kempf Julie, Mingeot-Leclercq Marie-Paule, and Decout Jean-Luc , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES, oct, Volume 21, Number 19, (2020)
Antimicrobial Cellulose Nanofibril Porous Materials Obtained by Supercritical Impregnation of Thymol, Darpentigny, Clementine, Marcoux Pierre R., Menneteau Mathilde, Michel Bastien, Ricoul Florence, Jean Bruno, Bras Julien, and Nonglaton Guillaume , ACS Applied Bio Materials, Volume 3, Number 5, p.2965–2975, (2020)
Application of Chiral Sulfinamides into Formation and Reduction of Sulfinylketimines to Obtain Valuable alpha-Chiral Primary Amines, Achuenu, Chukuka, Carret Sebastien, Poisson Jean-Francois, and Berthiol Florian , EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, oct, Volume 2020, Number 37, p.5901–5916, (2020)
The Arabidopsis thaliana Poly(ADP-Ribose) Polymerases 1 and 2 Modify DNA by ADP-Ribosylating Terminal Phosphate Residues, Taipakova, Sabira, Kuanbay Aigerim, Saint-Pierre Christine, Gasparutto Didier, Baiken Yeldar, Groisman Regina, Ishchenko Alexander A., Saparbaev Murat, and Bissenbaev Amangeldy K. , FRONTIERS IN CELL AND DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, Volume 8, (2020)
Biopharmaceutical Assessment of Dexamethasone Acetate-Based Hydrogels Combining Hydroxypropyl Cyclodextrins and Polysaccharides for Ocular Delivery, Mazet, Roseline, Garcia-Otero Xurxo, Choisnard Luc, Wouessidjewe Denis, Verdoot Vincent, Bossard Frederic, Diaz-Tome Victoria, Blanc-Marquis Veronique, Otero-Espinar Francisco-Javier, Fernandez-Ferreiro Anxo, et al. , PHARMACEUTICS, aug, Volume 12, Number 8, (2020)
Biosensing extracellular vesicles: contribution of biomolecules in affinity-based methods for detection and isolation, Gaillard, M., Thuaire A., Nonglaton G., Agache V., Roupioz Y., and Raillon C. , ANALYST, mar, Volume 145, Number 6, p.1997–2013, (2020)
Canalicular domain structure and function in matrix-free hepatic spheroids, Sharma, Vikas Raj, Shrivastava Ananya, Gallet Benoit, Karepina Elizaveta, Charbonnier Peggy, Chevallet Mireille, Jouneau Pierre-Henri, and Deniaud Aurelien , BIOMATERIALS SCIENCE, jan, Volume 8, Number 1, p.485–496, (2020)
Catalytic Reduction of Oxygen by a Copper Thiosemicarbazone Complex, Straistari, Tatiana, Morozan Adina, Shova Sergiu, Reglier Marius, Orio Maylis, and Artero Vincent , EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, dec, Volume 2020, Number 48, p.4549–4555, (2020)
Characterization of novel lectins from Burkholderia pseudomallei and Chromobacterium violaceum with seven-bladed β-propeller fold, Sýkorová, Petra, Novotná Jitka, Demo Gabriel, Pompidor Guillaume, Dubská Eva, Komárek Jan, Fujdiarová Eva, Houser Josef, Hároníková Lucia, Varrot Annabelle, et al. , International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, Volume 152, p.1113-1124, (2020)
Characterization of novel lectins from Burkholderia pseudomallei and Chromobacterium violaceum with seven-bladed beta-propeller fold, Sykorova, Petra, Novotna Jitka, Demo Gabriel, Pompidor Guillaume, Dubska Eva, Komarek Jan, Fujdiarova Eva, Houser Josef, Haronikova Lucia, Varrot Annabelle, et al. , INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL MACROMOLECULES, jun, Volume 152, p.1113–1124, (2020)
Chemical synthesis and immunological evaluation of new generation multivalent anticancer vaccines based on a Tn antigen analogue, Pifferi, Carlo, Ruiz-de-Angulo Ane, Goyard David, Tiertant Claire, Sacristan Nagore, Barriales Diego, Berthet Nathalie, Anguita Juan, Renaudet Olivier, and Fernandez-Tejada Alberto , CHEMICAL SCIENCE, may, Volume 11, Number 17, p.4488–4498, (2020)
Comparative Study of the Electronic Structures of mu-Oxo, mu-Nitrido, and mu-Carbido Diiron Octapropylporphyrazine Complexes and Their Catalytic Activity in Cyclopropanation of Olefins, Cailler, Lucie P., Clemancey Martin, Barilone Jessica, Maldivi Pascale, Latour Jean-Marc, and Sorokin Alexander B. , INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, jan, Volume 59, Number 2, p.1104–1116, (2020)
Competing Molecular Packing of Blocks in a Lamella-Forming Carbohydrate-block-poly(3-hexylthiophene) Copolymer, Sakai-Otsuka, Yoko, Nishiyama Yoshiharu, Putaux Jean-Luc, Brinkmann Martin, Satoh Toshifumi, Chen Wen-Chang, and Borsali Redouane , MACROMOLECULES, Volume 53, Number 20, p.9054–9064, (2020)
Complexes of the Bis(di-tert-butyl-aniline)amine Pincer Ligand: The Case of Copper, Leconte, Nicolas, Gentil Solene, Molton Florian, Philouze Christian, Le Goff Alan, and Thomas Fabrice , EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Volume 2020, Number 28, p.2691–2699, (2020)
Controlled O(2)reduction at a mixed-valent (II,I) Cu2S core, Mangue, Jordan, Gondre Clement, Pecaut Jacques, Duboc Carole, Menage Stephane, and Torelli Stephane , CHEMICAL COMMUNICATIONS, Volume 56, Number 67, p.9636–9639, (2020)
Cysteine Chemistry in Connection with Abiogenesis, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Youssef-Saliba Sparta, Vazart Fanny, Ceccarelli Cecilia, Bridoux Maxime, and Vallee Yannick , EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, may, Volume 2020, Number 20, p.3019–3023, (2020)
Development of an optoelectronic nose based on surface plasmon resonance imaging with peptide and hairpin DNA for sensing volatile organic compounds, Gaggiotti, Sara, Hurot Charlotte, Weerakkody Jonathan S., Mathey Raphael, Buhot Arnaud, Mascini Marcello, Hou Yanxia, and Compagnone Dario , SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, jan, Volume 303, (2020)
Diazonium Electrograftingvs. Physical Adsorption of Azure A at Carbon Nanotubes for Mediated Glucose Oxidation with FAD-GDH, Gross, Andrew J., Tanaka Shunya, Colomies Clara, Giroud Fabien, Nishina Yuta, Cosnier Serge, Tsujimura Seiya, and Holzinger Michael , CHEMELECTROCHEM, nov, Volume 7, Number 22, p.4543–4549, (2020)
Distorted copper(II) radicals with sterically hindered salens: electronic structure and aerobic oxidation of alcohols, Kunert, R., Philouze C., Berthiol F., Jarjayes O., Storr T., and Thomas F. , DALTON TRANSACTIONS, oct, Volume 49, Number 37, p.12990–13002, (2020)
Effect of Distortions on the Geometric and Electronic Structures of One-Electron Oxidized Vanadium(IV), Copper(II), and Cobalt(II)/(III) Salen Complexes, Kanso, Hussein, Clarke Ryan M., Kochem Amelie, Arora Himanshu, Philouze Christian, Jarjayes Olivier, Storr Tim, and Thomas Fabrice , INORGANIC CHEMISTRY, apr, Volume 59, Number 7, p.5133–5148, (2020)
Efficiency of Site-Specific Clicked Laccase-Carbon Nanotubes Biocathodes towards O-2 Reduction, Gentil, Solene, Rousselot-Pailley Pierre, Sancho Ferran, Robert Viviane, Mekmouche Yasmina, Guallar Victor, Tron Thierry, and Le Goff Alan , CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, apr, Volume 26, Number 21, p.4798–4804, (2020)
Enantiomeric sensing and separation by nucleic acids, Oukacine, Farid, Ravelet Corinne, and Peyrin Eric , TRAC-TRENDS IN ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY, jan, Volume 122, (2020)
Evolution of Ate-Organoiron(II) Species towards Lower Oxidation States: Role of the Steric and Electronic Factors, Rousseau, Lidie, Herrero Christian, Clemancey Martin, Imberdis Arnaud, Blondin Genevieve, and Lefevre Guillaume , CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, feb, Volume 26, Number 11, p.2417–2428, (2020)
Exploring Coumarins Reduction: NaBH4/MeOH versus Nickel Boride Generated In Situ., Clarisse, Faure, Jamet Hélène, Belle Catherine, and d'Hardemare Amaury du Mouline , CHEMISTRYSELECT, dec, Volume 5, Number 46, p.14735–14740, (2020)
Fe-Catalyzed Aziridination Is Governed by the Electron Affinity of the Active Imido-Iron Species, Coin, Guillaume, Patra Ranjan, Rana Sujoy, Biswas Jyoti Prasad, Dubourdeaux Patrick, Clemancey Martin, de Visser Sam P., Maiti Debabrata, Maldivi Pascale, and Latour Jean-Marc , ACS CATALYSIS, sep, Volume 10, Number 17, p.10010–10020, (2020)
Flexible Ru(II)Schiff Base Complexes: G-Quadruplex DNA Binding and Photo-Induced Cancer Cell Death, Gillard, Martin, Weynand Justin, Bonnet Hugues, Loiseau Frederique, Decottignies Anabelle, Dejeu Jerome, Defrancq Eric, and Elias Benjamin , CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL, nov, Volume 26, Number 61, p.13849–13860, (2020)
Fluorescently-labelled amyloid paired helical filaments (PHF) in monitoring its fibrillation kinetics, Smidlehner, Tamara, Bonnet Hugues, Chierici Sabine, and Piantanida Ivo , BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY, nov, Volume 104, (2020)