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2-Hydroxy-4-methoxybenzyl as a Thiol-Protecting Group for Directed-Disulfide Bond Formation., Zoukimian, Claude, Béroud Rémy, and Boturyn Didier , Org Lett, 2022 May 13, Volume 24, Issue 18, p.3407-3410, (2022)
Analysis of modular gene co-expression networks reveals molecular pathways underlying Alzheimer's disease and progressive supranuclear palsy., Iohan, Lukas da Cruz Ca, Lambert Jean-Charles, and Costa Marcos R. , PLoS One, 2022, Volume 17, Issue 4, p.e0266405, (2022)
A Bacterial Mannose Binding Lectin as a Tool for the Enrichment of C- and O-Mannosylated Peptides., Hütte, Hermann J., Tiemann Birgit, Shcherbakova Aleksandra, Grote Valerian, Hoffmann Marcus, Povolo Lorenzo, Lommel Mark, Strahl Sabine, Vakhrushev Sergey Y., Rapp Erdmann, et al. , Anal Chem, 2022 May 24, Volume 94, Issue 20, p.7329-7338, (2022)
A Bidirectional Bioinspired [FeFe]-Hydrogenase Model., Ahmed, Md Estak, Nayek Abhijit, Križan Alenka, Coutard Nathan, Morozan Adina, Dey Somdatta Ghosh, Lomoth Reiner, Hammarstrom Leif, Artero Vincent, and Dey Abhishek , J Am Chem Soc, 2022 Mar 02, Volume 144, Issue 8, p.3614-3625, (2022)
Bioinformatics Resources for the Study of Glycan-Mediated Protein Interactions., Lisacek, Frederique , J Vis Exp, 2022 Jan 20, Issue 179, (2022)
A bio-inspired heterodinuclear hydrogenase CoFe complex., Sun, Lili, Adam Suzanne M., Mokdad Walaa, David Rolf, Milet Anne, Artero Vincent, and Duboc Carole , Faraday Discuss, 2022 May 18, Volume 234, p.34-41, (2022)
Biomolecular and Biological Applications of Solid-State NMR with Dynamic Nuclear Polarization Enhancement., Chow, Wing Ying, De Paepe Gael, and Hediger Sabine , Chem Rev, 2022 May 25, Volume 122, Issue 10, p.9795-9847, (2022)
A Combined Spectroscopic and Theoretical Study on a Ruthenium Complex Featuring a π-Extended dppz Ligand for Light-Driven Accumulation of Multiple Reducing Equivalents., Müller, Carolin, Schwab Alexander, Randell Nicholas M., Kupfer Stephan, Dietzek-Ivanšić Benjamin, and Chavarot-Kerlidou Murielle , Chemistry, 2022 Mar 28, Volume 28, Issue 18, p.e202103882, (2022)
Container material dictates stability of bacteriophage suspensions: Light scattering and infectivity measurements reveal mechanisms of infectious titre decay., O'Connell, Larry, Roupioz Yoann, and Marcoux Pierre R. , J Appl Microbiol, 2022 Aug, Volume 133, Issue 2, p.529-543, (2022)
Copper Induces Protein Aggregation, a Toxic Process Compensated by Molecular Chaperones., Zuily, Lisa, Lahrach Nora, Fassler Rosi, Genest Olivier, Faller Peter, Seneque Olivier, Denis Yann, Castanié-Cornet Marie-Pierre, Genevaux Pierre, Jakob Ursula, et al. , mBio, 2022 Apr 26, Volume 13, Issue 2, p.e0325121, (2022)
A covalent cobalt diimine-dioxime - fullerene assembly for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production from near-neutral aqueous media., Sun, Dongyue, Morozan Adina, Koepf Matthieu, and Artero Vincent , Chem Sci, 2022 Mar 30, Volume 13, Issue 13, p.3857-3863, (2022)
Cross-Linking of Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes Bearing Pyrrole Moieties on TiO$łess$sub$\greater$2$łess$/sub$\greater$ Nanoparticles to Enhance Light to Electricity Conversion, Le-Quang, Long, Benayad Anass, Mouesca Jean-Marie, Maurel Vincent, and Chauvin Jérôme , The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Volume 126, Number 6, p.2946–2959, (2022)
Crystal and molecular structure of V-amylose complexed with butan-1-ol, Le, Cong Anh Khanh, Mazeau Karim, Nishiyama Yoshiharu, Ogawa Yu, Choisnard Luc, Wouessidjewe Denis, and Putaux Jean-Luc , Polymer, Volume 243, p.124651, (2022)
Development of an Innovative Quantification Assay Based on Aptamer Sandwich and Isothermal Dumbbell Exponential Amplification., Aubret, Mathilde, Savonnet Maud, Laurent Patricia, Roupioz Yoann, Cubizolles Myriam, and Buhot Arnaud , Anal Chem, 2022 Feb 22, Volume 94, Issue 7, p.3376-3385, (2022)
Did Homocysteine Take Part in the Start of the Synthesis of Peptides on the Early Earth?, Youssef-Saliba, Sparta, Milet Anne, and Vallee Yannick , Biomolecules, 2022 Apr 08, Volume 12, Issue 4, (2022)
Dinitrogen Coordination to a High-Spin Diiron(I/II) Species., Torres, Juan F., Oi Collin H., Moseley Ian P., El-Sakkout Nabila, Knight Brian J., Shearer Jason, Garcia-Serres Ricardo, Zadrozny Joseph M., and Murray Leslie J. , Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2022 May 23, Volume 61, Issue 22, p.e202202329, (2022)
Discrimination of deletion to point cytokine mutants based on an array of cross-reactive receptors mimicking protein recognition by heparan sulfate., Genua, Maria, Garçon Laurie-Amandine, Sergeeva Yulia N., Saesen Els, Musnier Benjamin, Buhot Arnaud, Billon Martial, Gout Evelyne, Sadir Rabia, Lortat-Jacob Hugues, et al. , Anal Bioanal Chem, 2022 Jan, Volume 414, Issue 1, p.551-559, (2022)
Druggable Allosteric Sites in β-Propeller Lectins., Shanina, Elena, Kuhaudomlarp Sakonwan, Lal Kanhaya, Seeberger Peter H., Imberty Anne, and Rademacher Christoph , Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2022 Jan 03, Volume 61, Issue 1, p.e202109339, (2022)
Electrocatalytic reduction of protons to dihydrogen by the cobalt tetraazamacrocyclic complex [Co(N4H)Cl2]$\mathplus$: mechanism and benchmarking of performances, Li, Cheng-Bo, Bagnall Andrew J., Sun Dongyue, Rendon Julia, Koepf Matthieu, Gambarelli Serge, Mouesca Jean-Marie, Chavarot-Kerlidou Murielle, and Artero Vincent , Sustainable Energy {&} Fuels, (2022)
Engineering the Ligand Specificity of the Human Galectin-1 by Incorporation of Tryptophan Analogues., Tobola, Felix, Lepsik Martin, Zia Syeda Rehana, Leffler Hakon, Nilsson Ulf J., Blixt Ola, Imberty Anne, and Wiltschi Birgit , Chembiochem, 2022 Mar 04, Volume 23, Issue 5, p.e202100593, (2022)
Exploring the structure-activity relationship of benzylidene-2,3-dihydro-1H-inden-1-one compared to benzofuran-3(2H)-one derivatives as inhibitors of tau amyloid fibers., Boukherrouba, Emeline, Larosa Camille, Nguyen Kim-Anh, Caburet Jérémy, Lunven Laurent, Bonnet Hugues, Fortune Antoine, Boumendjel Ahcene, Boucherle Benjamin, Chierici Sabine, et al. , Eur J Med Chem, 2022 Mar 05, Volume 231, p.114139, (2022)
Functional exploration of the glycoside hydrolase family GH113., Couturier, Marie, Touvrey-Loiodice Mélanie, Terrapon Nicolas, Drula Elodie, Buon Laurine, Chirat Christine, Henrissat Bernard, and Helbert William , PLoS One, 2022, Volume 17, Issue 4, p.e0267509, (2022)
Highly Efficient Polarizing Agents for MAS-DNP of Proton-Dense Molecular Solids., Harrabi, Rania, Halbritter Thomas, Aussenac Fabien, Dakhlaoui Ons, van Tol Johan, Damodaran Krishna K., Lee Daniel, Paul Subhradip, Hediger Sabine, Mentink-Vigier Frederic, et al. , Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2022 Mar 14, Volume 61, Issue 12, p.e202114103, (2022)
IM Normae: The Death Spiral of a Cataclysmic Variable?, Patterson, Joseph, Kemp Jonathan, Monard Berto, Myers Gordon, de Miguel Enrique, Hambsch Franz-Josef, Warhurst Paul, Rea Robert, Dvorak Shawn, Menzies Kenneth, et al. , The Astrophysical Journal, Volume 924, Number 1, p.27, (2022)
In vitro reconstitution of an efficient nucleotide excision repair system using mesophilic enzymes from Deinococcus radiodurans., Seck, Anna, De Bonis Salvatore, Saint-Pierre Christine, Gasparutto Didier, Ravanat Jean-Luc, and Timmins Joanna , Commun Biol, 2022 Feb 11, Volume 5, Issue 1, p.127, (2022)
Kinetics of Isothermal Dumbbell Exponential Amplification: Effects of Mix Composition on LAMP and Its Derivatives., Savonnet, Maud, Aubret Mathilde, Laurent Patricia, Roupioz Yoann, Cubizolles Myriam, and Buhot Arnaud , Biosensors (Basel), 2022 May 18, Volume 12, Issue 5, (2022)
The laccase mediator system at carbon nanotubes for anthracene oxidation and femtomolar electrochemical biosensing., Sorrentino, Ilaria, Carriere Marie, Jamet Hélène, Stanzione Ilaria, Piscitelli Alessandra, Giardina Paola, and Le Goff Alan , Analyst, 2022 Feb 28, Volume 147, Issue 5, p.897-904, (2022)
Lipopolysaccharides at Solid and Liquid Interfaces: Models for Biophysical Studies of the Gram-negative Bacterial Outer Membrane., Paracini, Nicoló, Schneck Emanuel, Imberty Anne, and Micciulla Samantha , Adv Colloid Interface Sci, 2022 Mar, Volume 301, p.102603, (2022)
Metabolic labelling of cancer cells with glycodendrimers stimulate immune-mediated cytotoxicity., Goyard, David, Diriwari Peremobowei Iyanu, and Berthet Nathalie , RSC Med Chem, 2022 Jan 27, Volume 13, Issue 1, p.72-78, (2022)
Mixed Valence (μ-Phenoxido) Fe Fe and Fe Fe Compounds: Electron and Proton Transfers., Dubourdeaux, Patrick, Blondin Genevieve, and Latour Jean-Marc , Chemphyschem, 2022 Jan 19, Volume 23, Issue 2, p.e202100399, (2022)
Neutron crystallography reveals mechanisms used by Pseudomonas aeruginosa for host-cell binding., Gajdos, Lukas, Blakeley Matthew P., Haertlein Michael, V Forsyth Trevor, Devos Juliette M., and Imberty Anne , Nat Commun, 2022 Jan 11, Volume 13, Issue 1, p.194, (2022)
Optimum Functionalization of Si Nanowire FET for Electrical Detection of DNA Hybridization, Midahuen, R., Previtali B., Fontelaye C., Nonglaton G., Stambouli V., and Barraud S. , {IEEE} Journal of the Electron Devices Society, Volume 10, p.575–583, (2022)
Organic b-cyclodextrin Nanoparticle: An Efficient Building Block Between Functionalized Poly(pyrrole) Electrodes and Enzymes, Buzzetti, Paulo Henrique M., Carrière Marie, Brachi Monica, Gorgy Karine, Mumtaz Muhammad, Borsali Redouane, and Cosnier Serge , Small, p.2105880, (2022)
Phosphine Oxide Porous Organic Polymers Incorporating Cobalt(II) Ions: Synthesis, Characterization, and Investigation of H Production., Bonfant, Giulia, Balestri Davide, Perego Jacopo, Comotti Angiolina, Bracco Silvia, Koepf Matthieu, Gennari Marcello, and Marchio Luciano , ACS Omega, 2022 Feb 22, Volume 7, Issue 7, p.6104-6112, (2022)
Photoactivatable V-Shaped Bifunctional Quinone Methide Precursors as a New Class of Selective G-quadruplex Alkylating Agents., Lena, Alberto, Benassi Alessandra, Stasi Michele, Saint-Pierre Christine, Freccero Mauro, Gasparutto Didier, Bombard Sophie, Doria Filippo, and Verga Daniela , Chemistry, 2022 Jun 21, Volume 28, Issue 35, p.e202200734, (2022)
Photoinduced Catalysis of Redox Reactions. Turnover Numbers, Turnover Frequency, and Limiting Processes: Kinetic Analysis and Application to Light-Driven Hydrogen Production, Costentin, Cyrille, Camara Fakourou, Fortage Jérôme, and Collomb Marie-Noëlle , {ACS} Catalysis, p.6246–6254, (2022)
Push–pull organic dyes and dye-catalyst assembly featuring a benzothiadiazole unit for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production, Moinel, A., Brochnow M., Auma\^ıtre C., Giannoudis E., Fize J., Saint-Pierre C., Pécaut J., Maldivi P., Artero V., Demadrille R., et al. , Sustainable Energy {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Fuels, Volume 6, Number 15, p.3565–3572, (2022)
A Pyrene-Triazacyclononane Anchor Affords High Operational Stability for CO RR by a CNT-Supported Histidine-Tagged CODH., Contaldo, Umberto, Curtil Mathieu, Perard Julien, Cavazza Christine, and Le Goff Alan , Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2022 May 16, Volume 61, Issue 21, p.e202117212, (2022)
Signal-on/signal-off bead-based assays for the multiplexed monitoring of base excision repair activities by flow cytometry., Gines, Guillaume, Brusa Charlotte, Saint-Pierre Christine, and Gasparutto Didier , Anal Bioanal Chem, 2022 Mar, Volume 414, Issue 6, p.2029-2040, (2022)
A Simple Fluorescence Affinity Assay to Decipher Uranyl-Binding to Native Proteins., Laporte, Fanny, Chenavier Yves, Botz Alexandra, Gateau Christelle, Lebrun Colette, Hostachy Sarah, Vidaud Claude, and Delangle Pascale , Angew Chem Int Ed Engl, 2022 Jun 27, Volume 61, Issue 26, p.e202203198, (2022)
Sonocrystallization of CMONS Needles and Nanocubes: Mechanistic Studies and Advanced Crystallinity Characterization by Combining X-ray and Electron Diffractions with DNP-Enhanced NMR, Cattoën, Xavier, Kumar Akshay, Dubois Fabien, Vaillant Carole, Matta-Seclén Mauricio, Leynaud Olivier, Kodjikian Stéphanie, Hediger Sabine, De Paëpe Gaël, and Ibanez Alain , Crystal Growth {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Design, Volume 22, Number 4, p.2181–2191, (2022)
Structure and enzymatic degradation of the polysaccharide secreted by Nostoc commune., Drouillard, Sophie, Poulet Laurent, Marechal Eric, Amato Alberto, Buon Laurine, Loiodice Mélanie, and Helbert William , Carbohydr Res, 2022 May, Volume 515, p.108544, (2022)
Surfactant-like Peptide Self-Assembled into Hybrid Nanostructures for Electronic Nose Applications., Weerakkody, Jonathan S., Kazzy Marielle El, Jacquier Elise, Elchinger Pierre-Henri, Mathey Raphael, Ling Wai Li, Herrier Cyril, Livache Thierry, Buhot Arnaud, and Hou Yanxia , ACS Nano, 2022 Mar 22, Volume 16, Issue 3, p.4444-4457, (2022)
Synergistic or Antagonist Effects of Different UV Ranges Analyzed by the Combination Index: Application to DNA Photoproducts., Douki, Thierry, and Buhot Arnaud , Photochem Photobiol, 2022 May, Volume 98, Issue 3, p.649-661, (2022)
Targeting undruggable carbohydrate recognition sites through focused fragment library design, Shanina, Elena, Kuhaudomlarp Sakonwan, Siebs Eike, Fuchsberger Felix F., Denis Maxime, Gomes Priscila da Silva F., Clausen Mads H., Seeberger Peter H., Rognan Didier, Titz Alexander, et al. , Communications Chemistry, Volume 5, Number 1, (2022)
Topological defects in polycrystalline hexosomes from β-cyclodextrin fatty esters., Putaux, Jean-Luc, Lancelon-Pin Christine, Choisnard Luc, Geze Annabelle, and Wouessidjewe Denis , Soft Matter, 2022 Mar 09, Volume 18, Issue 10, p.2028-2038, (2022)
Trialkoxyheptazine-Based Glyconanoparticles for Fluorescence in Aqueous Solutions and on Surfaces via Controlled Binding in Space., Brachi, Monica, Buzzetti Paulo Henrique M., Gorgy Karine, Shan Dan, Audebert Pierre, Le Goff Alan, Li Hong, Borsali Redouane, and Cosnier Serge , ACS Macro Lett, 2022 Jan 18, Volume 11, Issue 1, p.135-139, (2022)
Tropane and related alkaloid skeletons via a radical [3$\mathplus$3]-annulation process, Colson, Eloïse, Andrez Julie, Dabbous Ali, Dénès Fabrice, Maurel Vincent, Mouesca Jean-Marie, and Renaud Philippe , Communications Chemistry, Volume 5, Number 1, (2022)
Ultrafast and Multiplexed Bacteriophage Susceptibility Testing by Surface Plasmon Resonance and Phase Imaging of Immobilized Phage Microarrays, O\textquotesingleConnell, Larry, Mandula Ondrej, Leroy Loïc, Aubert Axelle, Marcoux Pierre R., and Roupioz Yoann , Chemosensors, Volume 10, Number 5, p.192, (2022)
Water-Splitting Artificial Leaf Based on a Triple-Junction Silicon Solar Cell: One-Step Fabrication through Photoinduced Deposition of Catalysts and Electrochemical Operando Monitoring., Nguyen, Duc N., Fadel Mariam, Chenevier Pascale, Artero Vincent, and Tran Phong D. , J Am Chem Soc, 2022 Jun 08, Volume 144, Issue 22, p.9651-9660, (2022)