• Arcane Bio-driven chemistry

    Arcane’s core theme is chemical design, synthesis and application of novel molecular bioinspired or biosourced architectures as part of translational research into 3 topics related to sustaining and advancing human society: Energy supply, the Environment, and Health.

  • Highlights

    Aptamer Switches Regulated by Post-Transition/Transition Metal Ions

    Cooperation between DPM UMR 5063 et CHU – Biology and Pathology Institute

  • Bio-Targeted chemistry

    The research program of the Bio-Targeted axis includes development of new tools for therapeutic, diagnostic and personalized medicine based on organic chemistry and synthetic biology.

  • Bio-Inspired chemistry

    The Bio-Inspired axis builds on the achievements from the initial period to foster bioinspiration as a unique tool for innovation in the search for solutions for the energy transition.

  • Emergence core

    The Emergence core combines physico-chemical characterization and simulation with other methods in synthesis, surface chemistry and hybridization.

  • Partner laboratories

    Arcane stems from a fruitful partnership between these seven labs.