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PhD Program

The ARCANE labex brings together all of Grenoble's research laboratories for which molecular chemistry constitutes the heart of their research activity. As such, and by its multi-supervisory nature, it is a key element of local coordination in chemistry training. The calls for projects are addressed to the 7 labex laboratories. One of the main selection criteria is the synergy effect that an inter-laboratory collaboration can bring. The listed projects are fully or partially funded by the ARCANE labex.

photo recadree Claire

Claire Bourguignon

Designing robust and efficient molecular photocathodes for solar fuel production

I am working on designing new robust molecular dyes to improve the efficiency of photocathodes for solar fuel production.

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Majd Khalife

Majd Khalife

Peptide decorated amyloid fibrils and hydrogels as biomimetic olfactory cilia for sensitivity improvement of electronic nose

mathis gunther photo

Mathis Gunther

Copper-based molecular electrocatalyst for strong C-H bond activation

My thesis subject is about to make new electrocatalyst with copper to replace the actual catalyst made with precious metal.

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Lucie Pastewski

Fabrication of bioelectrocatalytic thin films by layer-by-layer assembly of redox biopolymers and metalloenzymes

Constructing new catalytic films to enhance enzymatic reactions thanks to a biosourced and electron-conducting matrix

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Pauline Chevalier

Design of a kit for specific quantification of microorganisms thanks to aptamers and chemiluminescent measurement

Rapid kit which detects a pathogenic Escherichia coli strain with aptamers and then quantify them through ATP measurement.

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Adam Nhari

Carbazole-based luminescent lanthanide bioprobes for reactive oxygen species sensing in live cells

My work is to improve and develop responsive probes based on an Eu3+ complex featuring a carbazole antenna imaging agent.

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Subash Arjunan

Theoretical study of CO2reduction mechanism catalyzed Ni-Fe complex on graphite

My work is on the theoretical study of the reduction mechanism of CO2catalyzed by Ni-Fe complex on graphite layer.

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Jade Arnone

Thiol-ene/Oxidation Tandem reaction by HEterogeneous artificial Metalloenzymes

My project is to develop a new reactivity by combining catalytic systems to make selective sulfoxidation synthesis.

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Rim Karkori

New fluorogenic reaction induced by a supramolecular assembly of aptamers for the detection of small molecules

Development of a new detection method for small analytes involving aptamers and the formation of fluorescent indolizines via a DNA-templated 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition.

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Letícia M. Lazinski

Synthesis of Hemiindigoids as Photoswitchable Entities: a Spatiotemporal Handling of Inhibition for Tyrosinase

Synthesis of hemiindigos (HI) and hemithioindigos (HTI) able to selectively engage human tyrosinase upon photoisomerization under visible light.

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Omar El-Dahshan

Synthesis and advanced characterization of stable Ag2S quantum dots for in vivo imaging

Synthesis, surface-functionalisation and in-vitro stability of new non-toxic quantum dots as novel biomedical probes for theranostic applications.

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Improving selective DNP (SelDNP) for the study of protein binding sites

SelDNP enhanced solid-state NMR is a targeted DNP methodology that aims to recover site-specific information in the vicinity of the paramagnetic moieties to decipher proteins binding sites at high resolution.

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Anthonin MOINEL

Developing novel push-pull organic dyes and dye-catalyst assemblies for hydrogen production in dye-sensitized NiO photocathodes

My work consists in designing molecular structures capable of producing hydrogen from water using sunlight as sole energy source.

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Thibault RANCON

Synthesis of new iminosugars as inhibitors and selective probes for alpha-glucosidases

Synthesis of new glycomimetics able to selectively recognize alpha glucosidases (enzymes) in complexe biological media.

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Production by a chemo-biotechnological approach of synthetic glycolipids toward novel lipid nanoparticles (Glypidots)

Development of biomimetic and stealth nanoparticles for biomedical applications. As a proof of concept, Glypidots will be assessed for their ability to inhibit Influenza virus infection.

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Development of a microfluidic device for the bio-targeted sorting of extracellular vesicles

Liquid biopsy appears like a promising way for the early detection of cancers. The PhD project aims to the development of a microfluidic device for the bio-targeting sorting of extracellular vesicles.

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Synthesis of contrast agents for medical imaging

Synthesis of redox active complexes as contrast agents for the detection of reactive oxygen species.

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Bastien DARMAU

Integrated Bioelectrodes/Biopolymer-Microneedle Devices for Transdermal Electrochemical Sensing

In this project, we propose to combine enzymatic electrochemical biosensor technology with biopolymer-microneedle sampling for rapid metabolite detection for medical applications.

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Covalent Crosslinks Aptamers-Targets

We propose a new approach to improve the selectivity of aptamers: to form covalent crosslinks between them and their target molecule.

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Rational conception and synthesis of new antibiotics targeting NDM-1 protein

This multidisciplinary project aims to rationally design inhibitors of NDM-1, an enzyme responsible for bacterial resistance by β-lactam antibiotic hydrolysis.

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Jordan COSSU

Design, synthesis and characterization of monoclonal antibody mimics

Design of small antibody mimics of the Rituximab using a fully synthetic approach combining aptamers and peptides.

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Nicolas DAVEAU


Assembly of a Gold Nano Rod with Quantum Dots using DNA to create a new versatile and multi-modal biomarker.

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Development of combinatorial encoded chemistry for the identification of specific ligands of G-quadruplex DNA structures

Synthesis of an unprecedented scale of small molecules to identify biologically active compounds targeting G-quadruplexe, a DNA secondary structure.

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In vitro biological water-gas shift reaction: Bio-functionalization of carbon nanotubes with carbon monoxide dehydrogenase (CODH) and [NiFe]-hydrogenase

To find alternative to syngas upgrade, our approach is the development of enzymatic water-gas shift reaction via the immobilisation of CODH and [NiFe]-hydrogenase on carbon-nanotubes.

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Submitted on March 22, 2021

Updated on October 18, 2023