Development of a microfluidic device for the bio-targeted sorting of extracellular vesicles
Liquid biopsy appears like a promising way for the early detection of cancers. The PhD project aims to the development of a microfluidic device for the bio-targeting sorting of extracellular vesicles.
I'm Marie Gaillard, PhD student in my 3rd year of PhD. I am completing my thesis between 2 CEA labs (CEA Leti-DTBS & IRIG-SyMMES). My PhD project focuses on the development of a microfluidic device for the biotargeted isolation of extracellular vesicles, promising early biomarkers. This very multidisciplinary subject combining biology, chemistry and physics immediately interested me because of the transverse skills required. Having done various internships in chemistry, biochemistry and cell biology in Grenoble, Boston and Montpellier, I felt capable of taking up the challenge proposed by this project.
The Labex Arcane proposes the financing of thesis projects combining chemistry and biology, my two scientific fields of interest. It was natural for me to apply for a PhD funding from this labex with 2 labs with complementary skills.
After the PhD, I would like to continue in applied research and why not join the world of start-ups!
Mis à jour le 27 April 2021