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Writing Retreat

Writing retreat

5 - 7 June, 2024

Summer School "Writing during your PhD" is designed to help the PhD students deliver a successful CSI report and their first draft thesis.

The aim of these two and a half days is to come together with others sharing the same objective: to produce a written text. By making writing a group activity, concentration and perseverance are improved, and it becomes possible to fully focus on the task. The writing/break periods are structured to further help eliminate mental load.

At the start of each period of writing, participants set themselves precise objectives. These objectives are reviewed at the end of the period in order to adapt the objective for the following period. The objectives are shared with a partner to help commit to them, but are not judged. The aim is to get a better idea, over the course of the retreat, of what it is possible to do in the given time.

The writing retreat welcomes 15 candidates this year.

2023 Summer School

Writing retreat


Maighread Gallagher-Gambarelli is a native English speaker with a PhD in biology.

Maighread Gallagher-Gambarelli

Submitted on July 27, 2023

Updated on April 10, 2024