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Biomim'expo is the major annual gathering of actors and stakeholders in biomimicry and approaches inspired by Nature to innovate and create the conditions for a renewed and sustainable development model.

  2022 Biomim' Expo

During the 2022 edition of Biomim'expo we met more than 80 visitors on the Arcane booth: students, researchers, start-ups and those curious about biomimicry and bio-inspiration.

2021 Biomim' Expo

This year, themes developed within the framework of the Labex Bio-inspired Chemistry axis were on display, with the presentation of the models of Ni-superoxide dismutase, as well as an integrated photo-electrocatalytic module allowing the continuous production of hydrogen under irradiation, by direct dissociation of water (artificial leaf). These achievements are the result of research carried out within the Laboratory of Structure and Properties of Molecular Architectures (SYMMES) and the Laboratory of Chemistry and Biology of Metals (LCBM). They illustrate two examples of the many strategies actively explored by different Labex teams to develop more sustainable approaches to the use of natural resources and in particular through the use of solar resources. This research is inspired at several levels by the molecular mechanisms of natural photosynthesis, and aims to reproduce some of its fundamental processes in artificial constructions that can potentially be transferred in the form of technological solutions.

2020 Biomim' Expo

Carole Duboc was interviewed on the question of How to produce hydrogen and sequester CO2 like the living?

2019 Biomim' Expo

Vincent Artero gave a lecture on artificial photosynthesis.

Arcane 2022 participants

Sarah Hostachy (SyMMES)
Jérôme Chauvin (DCM)
Kabibi-Charles Kamashanju ( DCM)

Submitted on October 18, 2021

Updated on October 18, 2023