Winner of the 2021 contest :

Pierre Rieber, PhD student in bio-organic chemistry at the DCM and DPM laboratories, is the winner of the Arcane Graphical Abstract 2021 contest. This is a graphic contest whose objective is to illustrate his thesis project in the form of an image. Pierre Rieber successfully met the challenge of combining scientific work with artistic techniques. We invite you to discover his presentation focused on chemical molecules and more particularly on the G-quadruplex structure. 

How to apply :

Applicants must submit a figure highlighting one outstanding fact from their project. It can be a key concept, a significant result, a main finding.

Winners of the past competitions :

2021 graphical abstract winner : Pierre RIEBER
Download Pierre's Graphical Abstract
2020 graphical abstract winners : Duc NGUYEN NGOC and Jonathan WEERAKKODY
Download Duc's Graphical Abstract
Download Jonathan's Graphical Abstract