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Today, chemistry must meet two crucial challenges: shaping the future of chemistry without fossil fuels and integrating knowledge from molecular biology when designing more efficient bio-targeted molecular systems. The considerable advances recently achieved in structural biology have indeed provided new opportunities and inspiration for chemists.


Research fields

Arcane’s core theme is chemical design, synthesis and application of novel molecular bioinspired or biosourced architectures as part of translational research into 3 topics related to sustaining and advancing human society: Energy supply, the Environment, and Health. ARCANE seven laboratories partners work toward a common scientific objective: biodriven chemistry, from bioinspiration to biotargeted molecules. This objective relies on a shared scientific vision and complementary know-how. The basic tenet of ARCANE is to take inspiration from Nature to improve Life. It relies on 2 ‘vertical’ scientific axes: Bio-Inspired Chemistry and Bio-Targeted Chemistry, which is supported by a third component Emergence core.

Submitted on March 16, 2021

Updated on April 27, 2021