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Technology transfer

Arcane supports innovation coming from its member laboratories, and which have potential for valorization. The transfer to industry is done in connection with the SATT Linksium, Floralis and CEA DRT entities which bring a critical analysis and reinforce the process of maturation of projects.

Recent projects funded by Arcane 

The FuelSea project seeks to revolutionize the market for water disinfection by salt electrolysis by proposing a new electrode design.

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The Carbogel project


The project CARBOGEL relates on the synthesis in water of a small molecular weight carbohydrate-based gelator enabling supramolecular gelation of a wide range of organic solvents and oils, that can find applications in cosmetics among others.

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The FUSED-1 project

Optimization of the FUSED-1 peptide: from in-vitro to in-vivo study of CNS repair

We aim to validate our axon growth promoting FUSED-1 peptide in vivo to repair the injured central nervous system

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The CHEMRES project

Development of a compound able to abolish multidrug resistance phenotype occurring during chemotherapies

The CHEMRES project aims to develop an active, selective and non-toxic inhibitor of a protein involved in multidrug resistance during chemotherapy. Its therapeutic potential should be achieved when it is used in combination with an anticancer drug.

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The ONCOXY project

Innovative targeted treatment of cancer using long-acting Dynamic PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)

The project concerns an innovative approach to targeted photodynamic therapy with dual therapeutic action that can operate even in hypoxic environments

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Submitted on April 6, 2021

Updated on October 18, 2023