Optimization of the FUSED-1 peptide: from in-vitro to in-vivo study of CNS repair
We aim to validate our axon growth promoting FUSED-1 peptide in vivo to repair the injured central nervous system
The central nervous system is not able to regenerate. Therefore, patients have to bear permanent and irreversible motor, sensory and/or cognitive disabilities. We identified a key protein to induce adult axon growth and neuroprotection. To move to the bedside, we used a peptidomimetic approach to design small peptides (from 4 to 14 amino acids, aa) derived from this protein. From our peptide library, we synthesized a chimeric peptide of 17 aa named FUSED-1 corresponding to the fusion of the 3 most effective peptides. FUSED-1 induces more than 2-folds increase of neurite growth compared to the control in our ex-vivo cultures of mature retina explants. Now, we aim to test FUSED-1 and its variants in vivo in the model of optic nerve crush to address its effect on axon regeneration and its pharmacological properties.
Mis à jour le 29 April 2021