Development of a compound able to abolish multidrug resistance phenotype occurring during chemotherapies
The CHEMRES project aims to develop an active, selective and non-toxic inhibitor of a protein involved in multidrug resistance during chemotherapy. Its therapeutic potential should be achieved when it is used in combination with an anticancer drug.

Emile Roussel is the winner of the i-PhD Innovation Competition. The i-PhD competition is reserved for young researchers or PhD students who wish to create or co-create a deeptech startup via a technology transfer that valorizes research results.

The CHEMRES project provides a solution to solve multidrug resistance issues developed during chemotherapy which are involved in 50 % to 90 % of failure. We identified a compound able to inhibit the cellular efflux of anticancer drugs conferring chemoresistance. Our innovation is patented, and we are working to demonstrate the high potential of its application in combination with current chemotherapy to restore their full efficiency. Our ultimate goal is to stimulate the therapeutic arsenal in oncology thanks to this compound.

An in vitro screening of sixty compounds has enabled us to show interesting biological properties. Then we carried out in ovo and in vivo studies in order to better understand the pharmacological and therapeutic profiles of the best identified compound. We hope to move forward and take the next step in the coming months with the creation of a company

Mis à jour le 11 October 2021