Innovative targeted treatment of cancer using long-acting Dynamic PhotoDynamic Therapy (PDT)
The project concerns an innovative approach to targeted photodynamic therapy with dual therapeutic action that can operate even in hypoxic environments
Among the various anti-cancer treatments, photodynamic therapy (PDT) is based on the irradiation by visible light of a molecule (photosensitiser) allowing the production of singlet oxygen which is highly toxic for the cells. Unfortunately, this technique has limitations as it is not targeted and is ineffective in hypoxic areas.

The ONCOXY project, supported by SATT Linksium and Labex ARCANE, concerns the development of an innovative anti-cancer therapeutic approach using targeted Dynamic Phototherapy with a prolonged effect and proposed as a complement to the surgical treatment for the eradication of unresectable tumors remains. This treatment relies on a new class of molecules, derived from the photochromic compound dimethyldyhydropyrene, that are capable of photo-producing, storing and releasing singlet oxygen. To improve the selectivity of the system towards tumors cells, it is functionalized with a suitable group allowing it to accumulate specifically in the tumor by targeting proteins overexpressed in the tumor tissue.

Mis à jour le 29 April 2021