Assembly of a Gold Nano Rod with Quantum Dots using DNA to create a new versatile and multi-modal biomarker.
Seeing nanoparticles as a young research subject with great opportunities, I decided to graduate from INSA Toulouse through the micro-nanotechnologies specialization, before to let my mark in it through a PhD. With a focus on plasmonics, biocompatible Quantum Dots and use of DNA, this project was well corresponding to my will to lead a project from fundamental research to biomedical applications.

Its multidisciplinary is so both a strength and a challenge from my point of view, requiring a fine understanding while leading to promises of great learnings. I hope I will be able to develop it to allow both a great understanding of its physics principle, bringing clues for further promising projects using nanoparticles and DNA linkers, and the realization of a multi-modal versatile biomarker. As all these topics correspond to ARCANE expertise, it appeared as a mandatory step to fulfill my goal, and so fully becoming an expert in nanoparticles for bio-applications.
Mis à jour le 27 April 2021