Covalent Crosslinks Aptamers-Targets
We propose a new approach to improve the selectivity of aptamers: to form covalent crosslinks between them and their target molecule.
My name is Auriane GUITTON-AUBERTY. I am a graduate of an engineering degree and a master's degree in analytical chemistry from the University of Strasbourg. In October 2020, I started my PhD project which combines chemistry and biology. The aim of the subject is to prove the feasibility of binding covalently aptamers and their target molecules. This concept could then be applied in the therapeutic or depollution field. It allows me to apply my skills in analytical sciences and chemistry, while adapting to the specifics of biological analytes.

My PhD is supported by the Labex Arcane which promotes bio-inspired chemistry projects and which encourages the sharing of knowledge and skills between laboratories. I then think of moving towards research in the private sector.
Mis à jour le 27 April 2021