Production by a chemo-biotechnological approach of synthetic glycolipids toward novel lipid nanoparticles (Glypidots)
Development of biomimetic and stealth nanoparticles for biomedical applications. As a proof of concept, Glypidots will be assessed for their ability to inhibit Influenza virus infection.
I am a PhD student in chemistry and biology at University Grenoble Alpes working in two labs : CERMAV and CEA-LETI. I graduated from the Chemical Engineering School of Lyon (CPE Lyon). During my master thesis I studied nanocarriers as vectors for anti-fungal drugs. Then I wanted to know more about nanomedicine and to commit to a more complex subject. This project allows me to carry out various experiments from organic chemistry to biology and physico-chemistry.

The Arcane scholarship gives me the opportunity to work in two high-standard labs and to learn forefront techniques.

After graduating, I aim to do a postdoc or to  work in the industry.
Mis à jour le 27 April 2021