Synthesis of new iminosugars as inhibitors and selective probes for alpha-glucosidases
Synthesis of new glycomimetics able to selectively recognize alpha glucosidases (enzymes) in complexe biological media.
Currently in 2nd year of PhD, I previously achieved my bachelor and master degree in chemistry in Grenoble. All along my training, I had a great interest for biology/biochemistry, trying to find internships which placed me at the interface with chemistry. During my first year of Master's degree, I achieved an internship in Canada during which I definitely decided to pursue my studies by a PhD. Then I did a second intership during the second year of Master's degree (on the topic of my current PhD): I especially enjoyed the balance between biology and chemistry, the work relationship I had with my supervisor, and the numerous possibilities to investigate the project. Because this project required complementary skills (in synthesis and biosensor design) to be run properly, I applied to Labex Arcane. 

Mis à jour le 27 April 2021