Integrated Bioelectrodes/Biopolymer-Microneedle Devices for Transdermal Electrochemical Sensing
In this project, we propose to combine enzymatic electrochemical biosensor technology with biopolymer-microneedle sampling for rapid metabolite detection for medical applications.
My name is Bastien Darmau. I am a french Ph.D student coming from the wonderful city of Bordeaux where I mostly studied polymer chemistry. I left my beautiful city to start the Ph.D adventure in Grenoble with the CEA-leti and the Molecular Chemistry Department at the Grenoble Alpes University (DCM/UGA) about a very interesting and promising topic. The motivations that made me want to work on this topic are the presence of polymer chemistry, my favorite topic of research and core expertise, the highly multidisciplinary aspect, involving electrochemistry, biochemistry, biology, physico-chemistry and micro-fabrication, and the applied aspect, resulting to the conception of new analytical devices for transdermal detection. This topic, involving biopolymers and microneedle electrodes, is also very challenging because only very few publications have been reported in this field, and no study were done « on vivo ». For the moment, we are detecting glucose, but we hope to expand the range of analytes to make a sensitive and convenient platform for better metabolic profiling of diabetes and cardiovascular deseases.

We have targeted Arcane to finance this topic of research which combines biosensor with biopolymers and will promote the bio-inspired chemistry objective of labex Arcane. After my thesis, I would like to work in industry as a researcher because of the very applied side of industrial research that I love.
Mis à jour le 27 April 2021