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Rational conception and synthesis of new antibiotics targeting NDM-1 protein

This multidisciplinary project aims to rationally design inhibitors of NDM-1, an enzyme responsible for bacterial resistance by β-lactam antibiotic hydrolysis.

I first studied chemistry at the University of Besancon (University Technology Degree) and I pursued my education in Engineer School at Sigma-Clermont (63) with a specialisation in organic chemistry. Simultaneously to my last year, I also obtained a Master’s degree in organic chemistry. I decide to start a PhD thesis in order to work on a 3 year project  to have a large overview on a research thematic. I chose my subject for its multidisciplinary (chemistry, biology, modelling) and for its potential medical application.

Arcane’s project give the opportunity to work in different labs and allow to develop various knowledges and skills. After my PhD I plan to work in pharmaceutical industry.

Thesis dates

Beginning: 2019
End: 2021


Marine Peuchmaur, Serge Crouzy, Benjamin Boucherle, Yohann Moreau

Submitted on April 20, 2021

Updated on April 27, 2021