Trade fair

RDV Carnot

17 November 2021 - 18 November 2021
Our objective is to develop sustainable partnerships with industrialists in search of innovations, facilitating the access to technologies and equipment and building together high value research projects.

Our equipment:

  • Biomolecules interactions (Biacore, Biolayer Interferometry, SPR)
  • Cell Culture (Flow cytometry,qRT-PCR) 
  • Electrochemistry technics
  • Dip coating, Electrospinning, Depositing robots, Screen printing, Spin coaters
  • DMA, micro mechanical test, Texture analyzer
  • Microscopy (Epifluorescence, Optical, TEM/SEM)
  • Separation / Purification techniques
  • Solar cell characterization
  • Spectroscopy (EPR, Mössbauer, Spectrofluorimeter, X-Ray)
  • Spectrometry (Electrospray, MALDI-ToF)
  • Surface characterization (AFM, Contact angle, Ellipsometry)
  • Synthesis (Automates for oligonucleotide and peptide syntheses, Flow chemistry)


Lyon: Cité – Centre des congrès
Mis à jour le 5 November 2021