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Seminar - Leslie J. MURRAY

Seminar / Research

On April 11, 2022

Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire

Leslie J. MURRAY from the University of Florida will give a lecture entitled " Bond-Making and - Breaking Effected By Polynuclear Metal Complexes". This lecture will be followed by the intervention of Cyrille COSTENTIN (DCM laboratory) and Jonathan DE TOVAR VILLANUEVA (LCBM laboratory).

Polynuclear metal assemblies housed within metalloenzyme active sites and as fragments of metal surfaces effect transformation of small molecule substrates by multi-proton multi-electron transfers. Developing synthetic species that harness the cooperative reactivity observed in these systems remains an unresolved challenge. Our approach is to template polynuclear metal complexes using macro(bi)cycles, thereby allowing for a priori control of the complex nuclearity and relative disposition of the frontier orbitals of each metal center. Reported and ongoing work on the reactivity of polynuclear metal complexes of this type with small molecules, including dinitrogen, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide, will be discussed as well as the relationship of these synthetic systems to the biological and industrial processes.


On April 11, 2022
Complément date

from 2pm to 4pm


Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire

Complément lieu

Rassat amphitheatre (André Rassat building)

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