Webinar - Prof. Janet R. Morrow

on the 17 November 2021
from 3pm to 5pm
Prof. Janet R. Morrow will give a lecture entitled "Cobalt and Iron complexes as Molecular MRI probes". This lecture will be followed by two local speakers: Damien Mouchel-dit-leguerrier (DCM/LCBM) and ThibaultCharnay (LCBM).
The design of probes or contrast agents for molecular magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a research area of growing interest. Molecular MRI agents produce a signal in response to molecules or biological environments that are characteristic of disease states such as pH or redox imbalance. Our laboratory focusses on the development of paramagnetic transition metal-based MRI probes, especially those based on cobalt and iron coordination complexes. Cobalt complexes are studied as paramagnetic shift agents for chemical exchange saturation transfer (paraCEST). The CEST effect of the Co(II) complexes is pH, temperature and redox responsive. To increase the sensitivity of these agents, Co(II) complexes have been loaded into liposomes to produce lipoCEST at nanomolar concentrations of agent. Co(II) complexes loaded into yeast cells produce a modest celllCEST effect towards cell tracking. An alternative for monitoring redox processes is based on Fe(II) complexes that are oxidized to high spin Fe(III) complexes for enhanced water proton T1 relaxation. Incorporation of Fe(III) complexes into liposomes produces lipoCEST and T1 agents. Studies towards the development of Fe(III) agents that accumulate in murine tumor models as molecular imaging probes will be presented


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