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Publications 2023

Advances in Amplification Methods for Biosensors, Buhot, Arnaud , Biosensors, Volume 13, Number 3, p.365, (2023)

Approaching the Geometric Limit of Bacteriophage Conjugation to Gold: Synergy of Purification with Covalent and Physisorption Strategies, O'Connell, Larry, Marcoux Pierre R., Perlemoine Prisca, and Roupioz Yoann , {ACS} Biomaterials Science {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Engineering, Volume 9, Number 5, p.2335–2346, (2023)

Augmenting the Performance of Hydrogenase for Aerobic Photocatalytic Hydrogen Evolution via Solvent Tuning, Allan, Michael G., Pichon Thomas, McCune Jade A., Cavazza Christine, Le Goff Alan, and Kühnel Moritz F. , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 62, Number 22, (2023)

Bending Enamine Patterns of Stabilized Pentalenes into “Polymethine Ylides”, Thery, Valentin, Barra Cyriac, Simeoni Alexandra, Pécaut Jacques, Tomás-Mendivil Eder, and Martin David , Organic Letters, Volume 25, Number 3, p.560–564, (2023)

?-Carrageenan: An alternative route for the heterogenous phase degradation of hybrid ?-/?-carrageenan, Poulet, Laurent, Mathieu Sophie, Drouillard Sophie, Buon Laurine, Loiodice Mélanie, and Helbert William , Algal Research, Volume 71, p.103049, (2023)

Catalysis before Enzymes: Thiol-Rich Peptides as Molecular Diversity Providers on the Early Earth, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Leqraa Naoual, Blandin Veronique, and Vallée Yannick , Diversity, Volume 15, Number 2, p.256, (2023)

Cell-free expression and characterization of multivalent rhamnose-binding lectins using bio-layer interferometry, Warfel, Katherine F., Laigre Eugénie, Sobol Sarah E., Gillon Emilie, Varrot Annabelle, Renaudet Olivier, Dejeu Jérôme, Jewett Michael C., and Imberty Anne , Glycobiology, Volume 33, Number 5, p.358–363, (2023)

Chlorhexidine digluconate exerts bactericidal activity vs Gram positive Staphylococci with bioelectrocatalytic compatibility: High level disinfection for implantable biofuel cells, Berezovska, Anastasiia, Meiller Anne, Marinesco Stéphane, Nedellec Yannig, Giroud Fabien, Gross Andrew J., and Cosnier Serge , Bioelectrochemistry, Volume 152, p.108435, (2023)

Copper and Nickel Complexes of Oxamate-Phenol Containing Ligands: A Structural Dichotomy in Oxidized Species, Wang, Guanqi, Moreau Yohann, Berthiol Florian, Philouze Christian, Jarjayes Olivier, and Thomas Fabrice , European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 26, Number 15, (2023)

Deciphering silver nanoparticle fate in liver up to biliary excretion using HepG2/C3A spheroids in scenarios mimicking different exposure pathways, Rekik, Yousr, Suárez Vanessa Tardillo, Sharma Vikas Raj, Chevallet Mireille, Gallet Benoit, Falconet Denis, Charbonnier Peggy, Kieffer Isabelle, Tucoulou Rémi, Jouneau Pierre-Henri, et al. , Environmental Science: Nano, Volume 10, Number 7, p.1842–1857, (2023)

Design of hyaluronan-based dopant for conductive and resorbable PEDOT ink, Leprince, Maxime, Mailley Pascal, Choisnard Luc, Auzély-Velty Rachel, and Texier Isabelle , Carbohydrate Polymers, Volume 301, p.120345, (2023)

Discovery of potent 1, 1-diarylthiogalactoside glycomimetic inhibitors of Pseudomonas aeruginosa LecA with antibiofilm properties, Bruneau, Alexandre, Gillon Emilie, Furiga Aurélie, Brachet Etienne, Alami Mouad, Roques Christine, Varrot Annabelle, Imberty Anne, and Messaoudi Samir , European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 247, p.115025, (2023)

EElectrochemical CO2 Reduction with a Heterogenized Iridium-Pincer Catalyst in Water, De Tovar, Jonathan, Ghosh Ashta C., Di Santo Tom, Curtil Mathieu, Aldakov Dmitry, Koepf Matthieu, and Gennari Marcello , {ChemCatChem}, Volume 15, Number 12, (2023)

Electro- and photochemical H-2 generation by Co(ii) polypyridyl-based catalysts bearing ortho-substituted pyridines, Lucarini, Fiorella, Fize Jennifer, Morozan Adina, Droghetti Federico, Solari Euro, Scopelliti Rosario, Marazzi Marco, Natali Mirco, Pastore Mariachiara, Artero Vincent, et al. , Sustainable Energy {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Fuels, Volume 7, Number 14, p.3384–3394, (2023)

Enhanced activity for the oxygen reduction reaction in microporous water, Thorarinsdottir, Agnes E., Erdosy Daniel P., Costentin Cyrille, Mason Jarad A., and Nocera Daniel G. , Nature Catalysis, Volume 6, Number 5, p.425–434, (2023)

Evidence for 2Fe-2S 2+and Linear 3Fe-4SI+Clusters in a Unique Family of Glycine/Cysteine-Rich Fe-S Proteins from Megavirinae Giant Viruses , Villalta, Alejandro, Srour Batoul, Lartigue Audrey, Clémancey Martin, Byrne Deborah, Chaspoul Florence, Loquet Antoine, Guigliarelli Bruno, Blondin Geneviève, Abergel Chantal, et al. , Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 145, Number 5, p.2733–2738, (2023)

Evolution of Lipochitooligosaccharide Binding to a LysM-RLK for Nodulation in Medicago truncatula, Cullimore, Julie, Fliegmann Judith, Gasciolli Virginie, Gibelin-Viala Chrystel, Carles Noémie, Luu Thi-Bich, Girardin Ariane, Cumener Marie, Maillet Fabienne, Pradeau Stéphanie, et al. , Plant And Cell Physiology, Volume 64, Number 7, p.746–757, (2023)

Exploiting HOPNO-dicopper center interaction to development of inhibitors for human tyrosinase, Buitrago, Elina, Faure Clarisse, Carotti Marcello, Bergantino Elisabetta, Hardré Renaud, Maresca Marc, Philouze Christian, Vanthuyne Nicolas, Boumendjel Ahcène, Bubacco Luigi, et al. , European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 248, p.115090, (2023)

Fast magic angle spinning for the characterization of milligram quantities of organic and biological solids at natural isotopic abundance by 13C–13C correlation DNP-enhanced NMR, Smith, Adam N., Harrabi Rania, Halbritter Thomas, Lee Daniel, Aussenac Fabien, van der Wel Patrick C. A., Hediger Sabine, Sigurdsson Snorri Th., and De Paëpe Gaël , Solid State Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Volume 123, p.101850, (2023)

Fate of an SCS-pincer Mo complex beyond the electrodriven CO2 reduction reaction, De Tovar, Jonathan, Koepf Matthieu, Pécaut Jacques, and Artero Vincent , Molecular Catalysis, Volume 540, p.113026, (2023)

FeNC Oxygen Reduction Electrocatalyst with High Utilization Penta-Coordinated Sites, Barrio, Jesús, Pedersen Angus, Sarma Saurav Ch., Bagger Alexander, Gong Mengjun, Favero Silvia, Zhao Chang-Xin, García-Serres Ricardo, Li Alain Y., Zhang Qiang, et al. , Advanced Materials, Volume 35, Number 14, (2023)

Fine Tuning of Quantum Dots Photocatalysts for the Synthesis of Tropane Alkaloid Skeletons\ast\ast, Dabbous, Ali, Colson Eloïse, Chakravorty Debargha, Mouesca Jean-Marie, Lombard Christian, Caillat Sylvain, Ravanat Jean-Luc, Dubois Fabien, Dénès Fabrice, Renaud Philippe, et al. , Chemistry – A European Journal, Volume 29, Number 28, (2023)

Grafted dinuclear zinc complexes for selective recognition of phosphatidylserine: Application to the capture of extracellular membrane microvesicles, Van der Heyden, Angéline, Chanthavong Phoulinh, Angles-Cano Eduardo, Bonnet Hugues, Dejeu Jérôme, Cras Audrey, Philouze Christian, Serratrice Guy, El-Ghazouani Fatiha Zoubari, Toti Florence, et al. , Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry, Volume 239, p.112065, (2023)

Importance of Ligand Exchange in the Modulation of Molecular Catalysis: Mechanism of the Electrochemical Reduction of Nitrous Oxide with Rhenium Bipyridyl Carbonyl Complexes, Deeba, Rana, Chardon-Noblat Sylvie, and Costentin Cyrille , {ACS} Catalysis, Volume 13, Number 12, p.8262–8272, (2023)

Increasing the Hydrophilicity of Cyclic Ketene Acetals Improves the Hydrolytic Degradation of Vinyl Copolymers and the Interaction of Glycopolymer Nanoparticles with Lectins, Pesenti, Théo, Gillon Emilie, Ish, ii Seika, Messaoudi Samir, Guillaneuf Yohann, Imberty Anne, and Nicolas Julien , Biomacromolecules, Volume 24, Number 2, p.991–1002, (2023)

Investigation of Chemical Composition and Biological Activities of Ajuga pyramidalis—Isolation of Iridoids and Phenylethanoid Glycosides, Gori, Anthonin, Boucherle Benjamin, Rey Aurélien, Rome Maxime, Barette Caroline, Soleilhac Emmanuelle, Philouze Christian, Fauvarque Marie-Odile, Fuzzati Nicola, and Peuchmaur Marine , Metabolites, Volume 13, Number 1, p.128, (2023)

Laccase-catalyzed functionalization of phenol-modified carbon nanotubes: from grafting of metallopolyphenols to enzyme self-immobilization, Contaldo, Umberto, Gentil Solène, Courvoisier-Dezord Elise, Rousselot-Pailley Pierre, Thomas Fabrice, Tron Thierry, and Le Goff Alan , Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Volume 11, Number 20, p.10850–10856, (2023)

Light-Driven Hydrogen Evolution Reaction Catalyzed by a Molybdenum–Copper Artificial Hydrogenase, Labidi, Raphaël J., Faivre Bruno, Carpentier Philippe, Veronesi Giulia, Solé-Daura Albert, Bjornsson Ragnar, Léger Christophe, Gotico Philipp, Li Yun, Atta Mohamed, et al. , Journal of the American Chemical Society, Volume 145, Number 25, p.13640–13649, (2023)

Luminescent Ruthenium(II) Complexes Used for the Detection of 8-Oxoguanine in the Human Telomeric Sequence, Gillard, Martin, Bonnet Hugues, Lartia Rémy, Yacoub Hiba, Dejeu Jérôme, Defrancq Eric, and Elias Benjamin , Bioconjugate Chemistry, Volume 34, Number 2, p.414–421, (2023)

Multimeric RGD-Based Strategies for Selective Drug Delivery to Tumor Tissues, Cossu, Jordan, Thoreau Fabien, and Boturyn Didier , Pharmaceutics, Volume 15, Number 2, p.525, (2023)

Neutralizing the Impact of the Virulence Factor LecA from Pseudomonas aeruginosa on Human Cells with New Glycomimetic Inhibitors , Zahorska, Eva, Rosato Francesca, Stober Kai, Kuhaudomlarp Sakonwan, Meiers Joscha, Hauck Dirk, Reith Dorina, Gillon Emilie, Rox Katharina, Imberty Anne, et al. , Angewandte Chemie International Edition, Volume 62, Number 7, (2023)

Nile blue as reporter dye in salt aggregation based-colorimetric aptasensors for peptide, small molecule and metal ion detection, Chovelon, Beno\^ıt, Peyrin Eric, Ragot Mailys, Salem Nassim, Nguyen Truong Giang, Auvray Benjamin, Henry Mickael, Petrillo Mel-Alexandre, Fiore Emmanuelle, Bessy Quentin, et al. , Analytica Chimica Acta, Volume 1243, p.340840, (2023)

Optimization of NH2-UiO-66/TiO2/Au composites for enhanced gas-phase CO2 photocatalytic reduction into CH4, Duflot, Marie, Marchal Clément, Caps Valérie, Artero Vincent, Christoforidis Konstantinos, and Keller Valérie , Catalysis Today, Volume 413-415, p.114018, (2023)

Optimizing chemistry at the surface of prodrug-loaded cellulose nanofibrils with MAS-DNP, Kumar, Akshay, Watbled Bastien, Baussanne Isabelle, Hediger Sabine, Demeunynck Martine, and De Paëpe Gaël , Communications Chemistry, Volume 6, Number 1, (2023)

A phosphorylated zinc finger peptide bearing a gadolinium complex for zinc detection by MRI, Malikidogo, Kyangwi P., Pallier Agnès, Szeremeta Frédéric, Bonnet Célia S., and Sénèque Olivier , Dalton Transactions, Volume 52, Number 19, p.6260–6266, (2023)

Photobio-electrocatalytic production of H2 using fluorine-doped tin oxide (FTO) electrodes covered with a NiO-In2S3 p-n junction and NiFeSe hydrogenase, Luna-López, Gabriel, del Barrio Melisa, Fize Jennifer, Artero Vincent, Coito Ana Margarida, Pereira Inês A. C., Conesa José Carlos, Iglesias-Juez Ana, De Lacey Antonio L., and Pita Marcos , Bioelectrochemistry, Volume 150, p.108361, (2023)

PyrroTriPol: a semi-rigid trityl-nitroxide for high field dynamic nuclear polarization, Halbritter, Thomas, Harrabi Rania, Paul Subhradip, van Tol Johan, Lee Daniel, Hediger Sabine, Sigurdsson Snorri Th., Mentink-Vigier Frédéric, and De Paëpe Gaël , Chemical Science, Volume 14, Number 14, p.3852–3864, (2023)

Rapid fabrication of interdigitated electrodes by laser ablation with application to electrokinetically enhanced surface plasmon resonance imaging, O\textquotesingleConnell, Larry, Poirier Brice, Bratash Oleksii, Plénière Charlène, Leroy Loïc, Roupioz Yoann, and Marcoux Pierre R. , Optics {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Laser Technology, Volume 161, p.109167, (2023)

Recent Advances on Peptide-Based Biosensors and Electronic Noses for Foodborne Pathogen Detection, Escobar, Vanessa, Scaramozzino Natale, Vidic Jasmina, Buhot Arnaud, Mathey Raphael, Chaix Carole, and Hou Yanxia , Biosensors, Volume 13, Number 2, p.258, (2023)

Resorcinol-based hemiindigoid derivatives as human tyrosinase inhibitors and melanogenesis suppressors in human melanoma cells, Roulier, Brayan, Rush Inbal, Lazinski Leticia M., Pérès Basile, Olleik Hamza, Royal Guy, Fishman Ayelet, Maresca Marc, and Haudecoeur Romain , European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Volume 246, p.114972, (2023)

Rim-differentiation vs. mixture of constitutional isomers: A binding study between pillar[5]arene-based glycoclusters and lectins from pathogenic bacteria, Liu, Zhiping, Demontrond Fanny, Imberty Anne, Sue Andrew C. - H., Vidal Sébastien, and Zhao Hongxia , Chinese Chemical Letters, Volume 34, Number 2, p.107872, (2023)

A Series of Ni Complexes Based on a Versatile ATCUN-Like Tripeptide Scaffold to Decipher Key Parameters for Superoxide Dismutase Activity, Domergue, Jérémy, Guinard Pawel, Douillard Magali, Pécaut Jacques, Hostachy Sarah, Proux Olivier, Lebrun Colette, Le Goff Alan, Maldivi Pascale, Duboc Carole, et al. , Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 62, Number 23, p.8747–8760, (2023)

Single-Oxidation of Ni(II) Complexes of Bidentate Fused N-Heterocyclic Carbene-Phenol Conjugates , Kunert, Romain, Philouze Christian, Jarjayes Olivier, Storr Tim, and Thomas Fabrice , Organometallics, Volume 42, Number 13, p.1550–1560, (2023)

Straightforward Creation of Possibly Prebiotic Complex Mixtures of Thiol-Rich Peptides, Shalayel, Ibrahim, Leqraa Naoual, Blandin Veronique, and Vallée Yannick , Life, Volume 13, Number 4, p.983, (2023)

Structural and Biochemical Characterization of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Zinc SufU-SufS Complex, Elchennawi, Ingie, Carpentier Philippe, Caux Christelle, Ponge Marine, and de Choudens Sandrine Ollagnier , Biomolecules, Volume 13, Number 5, p.732, (2023)

Supramolecular carbohydrate-based hydrogels from oxidative hydroxylation of amphiphilic beta-C-glycosylbarbiturates and alpha-glucosidase-induced hydrogelation, Yao, Shun, Brahmi Robin, Bouschon Anaïs, Chen Jing, and Halila Sami , Green Chemistry, Volume 25, Number 1, p.330–335, (2023)

Synthesis of 4-Phosphinylpyrrolidin-3-ones via 3+2 Cycloaddition of Nitrones with Phosphinylallenes, Hammami, Rayhane, Maldivi Pascale, Philouze Christian, Carret Sébastien, Darses Benjamin, Touil Soufiane, and Poisson Jean-François , Advanced Synthesis {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Catalysis, Volume 365, Number 9, p.1385–1390, (2023)

Synthesis of Neuraminidase-Resistant Sialyllactose Mimetics from N-Acyl Mannosamines using Metabolically Engineered Escherichia coli, Rivollier, Paul, Samain Eric, Armand Sylvie, Jeacomine Isabelle, Richard Emeline, and Fort Sébastien , Chemistry – A European Journal, (2023)

Total synthesis of the natural (-)-205B alkaloid and its activity toward a7 nAChRs, Mazeh, Sara, M. Garcia-Fernandez Dolores, Pelletier Barbara, Moreau Christophe, and Delair Philippe , Organic {&}amp$\mathsemicolon$ Biomolecular Chemistry, Volume 21, Number 4, p.817–822, (2023)

Tristhiolato Pseudopeptides Bind Arsenic(III) in an AsS3 Coordination Environment Imitating Metalloid Binding Sites in Proteins, Szekeres, Levente I., Maldivi Pascale, Lebrun Colette, Gateau Christelle, Mesterházy Edit, Delangle Pascale, and Jancsó Attila , Inorganic Chemistry, Volume 62, Number 17, p.6817–6824, (2023)

The versatility of pyrene and its derivatives on sp2 carbon nanomaterials for bioelectrochemical applications, Holzinger, Michael, Cosnier Serge, and Buzzetti Paulo Henrique M. , Synthetic Metals, Volume 292, p.117219, (2023)

Submitted on October 18, 2023

Updated on October 19, 2023